Wine&Wedding 2016 Testimonial

Wine&Wedding 2016 Testimonial

Giovanna Dello Iacono: Where there isn’t wine, there is no love… The Greek writer Euripides has said it many years ago and us, here at Wine&Wedding Italy, decided to choose it as a claim for our 2016 communication campaign, with which we are getting ready to conquer the hearts of brides and grooms to be, who will choose Italy for their weddings and honeymoons.

Italy is more and more admired as wedding destination, and our Bel Paese is naturally dedicated to love, the feeling fulfilled by a new life together as a couple. Thanks to our super selected collection of locations and fine wineries in the most evocative Italian destinations, it hasn’t been difficult to find the interest of many couples we met in our International events.

This year we choose Carmela Torrisi Faro to represent our hospitality and charm traits, the fine wines and food and the great qualification in International wedding events. The Sicilian business-woman, standing for the important Faro Group organization, has been awarded with the 2015 Fidapa Women Award for her fantasy and the devotion to her beloved Sicily, where she realized fascinating venues like Donnacarmela wine resort, Radicepura and Pietradolce winery.

Carmela Torrisi Faro: I’m proud of representing, thanks to Wine&Wedding Italy, Italian quality hospitality to best host future couples from Italy and from abroad. Sicily has got a warmth of its own, given with its charming landscapes, its magical atmospheres and its wine and food excellencies: these are absolutely remarkable ingredients to make an event exclusive. We immediately embraced the wonderful networking mission together with people believing that the Original Italian Style is a value we have to defend and promote all around the world. I wish I will make a contribution with Wine&Wedding.

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