A toast with Giulio Ferrari, the Best of Italy according to The Wine Advocate
18 Jul 2014

A toast with Giulio Ferrari, the Best of Italy according to The Wine Advocate

From Giulio Ferrari and his dream of creating in Italy a wine inspired by the best champagnes of France, originated one of the best Italian sparkling wines. Thanks to both his dedication to the work in the cellar and his innate passion for the processing of Ferrari grapes, Trendoc Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore has been crowned once again as the unchallenged King of classic Italian method. 

The Italian label more rewarded than ever has been recognised as such by Monica Larner, a former collaborator of The Wine Enthusiast and, since a few months, the new correspondent from Italy of The Wine Advocate, the famous and influential magazine of the mentor of overseas wine, Robert Parker, defined by Luciano Ferraro “the wine magazine that more steers the taste and purchases of Americans”, in an article published in the Corriere della Sera. On the Vintage Chart of Wine Advocate now appear, for the first time, also the wines from five other Italian regions, in addition to the classic Barolo and Barbaresco Piemonte, Chianti, Bolgheri and Brunello of Tuscany.

Corriere della Sera thus took the opportunity to ask Larner to choose for the Vintage Chart summer wines for each of the five aforementioned regions and hence appears as Giulio Ferrari, according to Larner, is the only classical method par excellence “to be drunk either by itself or along with raw fish and sea truffles”; in short, Giulio Ferrari is the best sparkling wine of Italy.

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