Dream wedding at Donnacarmela
22 Aug 2014

Dream wedding at Donnacarmela

The special day surrounded by breathtaking scenery, from the Wine Resorts, where the combination of  “wine and charming hospitality” offers exclusivity, style and elegance. In Sicily there are terrestrial paradises and one of these is the resort Donnacarmela. A perfect wedding location for any season, where you can daydream breathing in the scent of the sea and gardens, plants, flowers, Mediterranean and subtropical species that have found shelter in the beautiful nursery of this resort.


The explosion of colors is revealed to the eye by the blue of the sea that courts the black cliffs and fine sand. You will be swallowed up as if caught in a vortex, and all around you will be illuminated in yellow and orange and green, expanses of lemon trees will offer up their ripe fruit to the open sea, filling your lungs with orange blossom and Mediterranean essences.