Varied, unspoiled landscapes covered in the green of winding valleys make Umbria a region that never ceases to impress. It is a land of hills, mountains, conifers and deep valleys. Located in the heart of the boot that is Italy, it is the only region that lacks an outlet to the sea. But it has Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in central Italy, around which one can still find the remains of Etruscan settlements, particularly in the neighborhood of Castiglione del Lago. From the waters of these two lakes, one moves on to the waters of the Marmore Falls near Terni,  considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, where the River Nera plunges a spectacular 165 meters, wrapped in luxuriant vegetation: a beloved destination for those who love to canoe, kayak, and more.

Two little pearls near Terni need to be singled out: one connected to history, the other, the land. Carsulae is an ancient Roman town along the old Via Flaminia containing the ruins of various public monuments such as the Arch of San Damiano. In the countryside one finds the fossilized forest of Dunarobba, a rare example of a forest that existed 3 million years ago, whose trunks have been well-preserved, buried in a lunar landscape.

A small land of great flavors, Umbria manages to satisfy all types of palates: for meat lovers there is fiore all’occhiello and pork transformed by butchers into delicacies like sausage, flavored prosciutto and salami, with those of Norcia being particularly well known. Its cheeses have decisive flavors, among the seasonal pecorino, and fresh or seasonal caprini. The rich array of dishes matches the authentic products of the soil, with truffles taking center stage. Black truffle is the most widespread, valued as a seasoning for pasta dishes and wild game, especially in the area of Norcia and Spoleto, but the white truffle is also highly prized, especially in the Tiberina, Orvieto and Gubbio valleys.

Umbria’s soils are particularly well suited to viticulture and the temperate climate has blessed it with esteemed white and red wines DOC, with Assisi Grechetto and Vino Sagrantino di Montefalco among the many that are well known.