Lombardy is a lively and modern region, a winter destination for many holiday goers from Italy and the other side of the Alps, who go to the silent Lombardian peaks to spend an unforgettable vacation in the snow, skiing on excellent, well-equipped trails in such renowned winter destinations as Bormio and Livigno.

Scattered across the southern part of the region are important cities  like Milan, city of fashion and glamorous events, home of the Teatro della Scala and age-old feats of architecture, along with cities full of culture, like Bergamo, Como, Mantua and Brescia.

Delightful rivers run through the green and flourishing valleys. One cannot forget the enchanting lakes such as Lago Maggiore, the Lago di Como and the Lago di Garda, the breathtaking countryside, rich with charm and attractions that fill the visitor with unparalled emotions.