Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, that will capture you with its varied view, made by coves, beaches, valleys and promontories, with the eye turned to olive trees and vineyards farms. A unique scenery that made this Region become UNESCO World Heritage.

Hectares of coast twisting and turning from Naples Gulf to Salerno Gulf: the coast takes its name from the main city of Amalfi, that stays tighten up on the hill by the sea, overlooked by the steps of its majestic duomo. On a little square in the city you can enjoy a dinner made with fresh fish, or tuna and anchovies from Cetara, caught with the typical “lampare” boats, and spaghetti seasoned with the precious amber anchovy oil. All these local courses can be tasted together with a good glass of Aglianico and, ending in the best way, an exquisite limoncello, homemade with juicy lemons awakening Campania land colours.

For your wedding you can live all the Coast atmosphere. An estate build on a steep road, where green gardens on different levels, like balconies with a privileged view on the sea will make you feel just like in Heaven.
The is the perfect place to surprise your woman proposing: this setting is perfect to make a dream come true.

After the wedding you won’t have problems deciding where to go. The Amalfi Coast, actually, offers a mix of heterogeneous cities really close to you. First of all, Positano, characterized by the staircase going through the city up to down, to the sea, a city romantic by night, with thousands of lights and a moon reflecting on the water. And then Maiori and Minori, lying on the beach, or Ravello, with villas full of gardens and pinasters, is the city for the ones who love music. You can breathe and listen to Wagner during “Ravello Festival” in the wonderful setting of Villa Rufolo, where people say the artist lived, getting talent. You will be talented to, by this land bright and solar.