Wedding Designers

Hand-made articles by Bontempo Ceramics are the ideal decoration for an elegant and sophisticated wedding: unique products, entirely handmade, decorations that stand out for their bright colors, first of all for the blue, that for more than 150 years has been their top color. Developed decorative themes are a classic example of the reflection of the Abruzzo countryside and daily life, unique works that first must be respected as Works of Art.

Bontempo Ceramiche: an art existing from generations

Abruzzo boasts an extraordinary handmade pottery tradition, widely appreciated by the international market. Among the various shops that have stood as guarantor of this high-quality brand, since the second half of the nineteenth century, we include those of Rapino: among these, only one has come to these days: Bontempo Ceramics.

The Master Amato Bontempo is the emblem of an Italy from the past and continues to operate for excellence, directing the production according to family tradition and, along with new forms of decoration, preserves and favors the ancient ceramic from Rapino: the “fioraccio”, the “rooster”, “birds and logs”, “the bird and the net”, the “rosaspinosa”, the “landscape in blue monochrome” and the so-called “Tombolino”.