Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is like the bride’s dress: its entrance must strike guests dumb, astonish them, enchant them and when it arrives, the murmurs of guests will be transformed into exclamations of pure admiration. The perfect wedding cake should be tasty and but beautiful because it will be one of the most important and photographed moments of the entire wedding.

Trends: The cake is a unique element and both the bride and the groom are involved, so the patisseur will have to think of something that works for them both. At the moment, cakes are being trimmed with small edible sculptures inspired by romantic old tin theatres, which were themselves made for fun and pleasure.

Something quirky? If you definitely want a wowfactor cake, borrow shamelessly from a great British tradition by hiding a precious ring in the cake as a lucky gift for the guest who finds it in their slice!

W&W recommends:: Add wedding cookies or cupcakes to the wedding cake with special decorations for the day. Everything will be coordinated with the colours chosen by the bride and they make handy place markers during the reception or as wedding favours later.