Wedding rings and jewels

It is as if this piece of jewellery contained the whole history of humans, of love, of before and after. It is as if the jewellery was subject to some potent alchemy in the depository of truth, of fate, of the most profound senses. Past and future that give joy in the same moment. If this is not the magic of love, then what is? Since ancient times, bridal jewellery has always been the stamp of unbreakable bonds joining life’s special moments and something precious.
The gift is the tangible symbol of intangible links like the ideas, feelings and personality of those involved. In every era, valuable jewellery was the gift most frequently chosen for its symbolic value combining with its undoubted true and aesthetic value. On certain occasions, giving a gem as a gift has become the best way to highlight
the importance and the eternal value of the celebration. If jewellery in general has always been something fascinating and desired, bridal jewellery is a universal symbol of love, passion and fidelity.

Damiani wedding rings are a great classic, enriched today by an original touch that accentuates their timeless tradition. Damiani has redesigned and modernized the classical concept of the wedding ring, creating new, unforgettable jewellery, symbols of undying love, emblematic gifts exchanged by the bride and groom.

Roberto Coin
A luxurious scenario for Roberto Coin’s artisanal creations, a jeweller who has always achieved striking mixes of metals and precious stones. His jewellery is a unique fusion of imagination, aesthetic sensibility and creative exuberance to produce true works of art.

Soft embraces lead the heart into deep ravines that are part of the enigma that humans have always perceived in metal. From its discovery through the technical processes that turn it into a jewel, Vhernier is an expression of the emotions that gradually come forth.
(Gallery: Sandra Fazzino photography)