Photo & Video

A photographer have to be like a narrator, who makes your wedding indelible. Thanks to reportage technique, he will catch the mood of the day, telling emotions, love and joy, getting the hearth of an intimate and genuine representation. Beyond creating timeless memories with an unconventional appearance, the reportage gives a practical solution, leaving the newlyweds free during their wedding day: they will forget the photographer, who will work behind the scenes. Leafing through your photo album and watching your video you will live again the most intimate and funny moments of your celebration. For true amateurs, the service can be realized in film and the photos printed manually in the darkroom.

The video will have a strictly cinematic narrative. Each couple will have a subject film, a piece tailored for each of them, based on their personal stories, the chosen destination and the location with a highly emotional content.

Dino Viani
Wine&Wedding Video Photographer