Wedding favours and comfits

In an Italian wedding there’s an element, a little but never underestimated element, it can never be missing, a little sweetness including in itself the core of a couple and, at the same time, the wish for a happy and wealthy life. A traditional “confetto”, in the meeting between almond and sugar frosting, is the Italian symbol of the wedding, it is a souvenir your guests will take with them, a sweet and versatile ingredient fitting your atmospheres, your colours, your sensations.

A “confetto” can transform, and follow your party from the beginning, in a new shape, more savoury and stimulating, that “Antonio Maria Arbues Confetti” invented for you: a round and perfect praline, surrounding a drop of wine or of oil or of your favourite spirit. Antonio Maria Arbues thought to everything. A shell of delicious chocolate, chosen according to your preferences as well: strong and dark, tender and milky, sweet and white.

Straight to the heart
The definition of what we generally know doesn’t always justice to the true essence of things… In this case, to confetti. The soul usually generating a confetto is the almond. Precisely, we start from a “soul” held into a crisp and tempting casket by thin layers of sugar.

On dit the Soul stays into the heart, and therefore what is more astounding than a confetto with a liquid heart? A liquid heart made by Limoncello, sweet and fragrant liqueur that take out its uniqueness from the sunny lands where juicy lemon fruits ripen… a liquid heart made by Mandarinetto, Mirto, Marsala, that exhale the most special aroma from our Italy, from a delicious shell of chocolate. We have hidden into the heart of our pralines Red and White Wines, and we also attempted with Extravirgin Olive Oil, to come straight to the hearth, through the palate of the ones choosing the greatness of quality… AMA AntonioMariaArbues. (Angela Dicuonzo Arbues)