Fashion and Accessories

A poetry embroidered with needles and threads, with ancient wisdom on precious and rare fabrics. This is the sartorial reality where unique and precious clothes are born as the wearer. Crown accessories a special day in every woman’s life. The choice of dress and accessories is the most important part of the preparation of a wedding since everything will be coordinated, in colors and shapes, to the real protagonist of the event: the bride, a model, an archetype of beauty and purity , which is renewed with every choice of style.

In the study of perfection he will stop alone, in the mirror, that image present in the eyes will appear.


Atelier Emé mission is to create wedding dresses according to the highest standards of quality and rigorously Made in Italy sartorial style. The Maison highly suggests to the foreign brides choosing Italy for their wedding to be inspired by their dreams and seek a dress that enhances their personality. The wide range of Atelier Emé dresses ensures every bride can feel fully herself on the most important day of her life.


The strength of the Atelier Emé collections is the union of tradition and innovation. Tradition is found into the internal company design and creation. The tailoring recalls the typically Italian works, with a high artisan manufacturing. All the dresses are made with skill and professionalism by the expert seamstresses who still complete the clothes by hand and by the Research and Design department coordinated by the Creative Director Raffaella Fusetti.
Innovation is guaranteed by the use of the most modern technologies and by the study of new models created and presented every year and inspired by the latest trends in Italian and international haute couture.

In terms of trends in fabrics, colors and widths for a Wine & Wedding Italy wedding style, the boho chic mood is perfect: light fabrics and semi-wide models even daring with patterns, but always based on the bride’s personality that will dose original elements with simply elegant details. The final effect must in any case be the triumph of femininity to make every bride feel wonderful on her wedding day.

Wine&Wedding Italy has chosen Atelier Emé as the undisputed representative of the Italian Bridal Fashion to share with the brides its love for Italy and for the Made in Italy work!