Catering & Wines

A good catering service will restore and delight you after the emotions of the wedding ceremony!

There are many culinary specialties that you can enjoy in our venues. From the maritime traditions of Sicilian and the Aeolian islands at Capofaro, with a special attention to quick, light cook that enhances the fresh flavors of the local ingredients, to, at Castel Monastero, the great Tuscan cooking of Gordon Ramsay, a leader in European cuisine, with a personal collection of 10 Michelin stars and an absolute passion for Tuscany.

Your convivial possibilities are diverse: a gala dinner served at the table, meals based on tasty traditional recipes or a customized mix of regional delicacies and ethnic flavors, classical buffets, creatively prepared and colorfully arranged in one or more refreshment areas, a cocktail party (Mediterranean, fusion…)

For us, every wedding reception must be a success. Our staff will help you to create the perfect menu for you and your guests, geared to your personal tastes and preferences in Italian cuisine. To enhance the quality of the festivities and give a touch of class to the evening, we always advise you to trust the choice of wines to our expert sommelier.

Together we will choose a theme for the party, a guiding thread to make it memorable for the guests and provide a magical and distinctive atmosphere. We devote a great deal of attention to presentation: the table lay out, the fabrics, the chinaware, the positioning and arrangement of the central table. We respect that the arrangement of the tables is one of the crucial aspects of any marriage, while flowers have the important task of decorating the dining hall for the wedding feast. Innovative floral arrangements designed for a clear effect in connection with the specific requests of the wedding couple and the style of the event.