The charm of an ancient abbey, near Amalfi

At 400 meters on the sea level, Astapiana Villa Giusso, once a monastery, is a little jewel built in 1600, located in the heart of Vico Equense: a little enchanting borgo a few kilometres away from Sorrento, between Amalfi and Pompei, in a historic residence, hanging between sky and sea. Here you can smell the sweet perfumes of the Campanian land, in an atmosphere suspended between a fascinating land and a past dense with history, ready to embrace you and enchant you in the most important day of your life. You will be received in a truly historical residence where the rooms, equipped with private bathrooms, have the romantic charm of the past, with period furniture and ironwork beds. The cellette, small dépendances, have been carefully restored: the rooms are lovely and cosy.

Finally your magical day is here, full of emotions and expectations. Surrounded by your relatives and most faithful friends, you prepare to live this magical moment, immersed in a breathtaking landscape, between the blue of the sky and the crystal blue of Sorrento’s sea, with the marvellous indented coast overlooking the sea, breaking the continuity between the sky and the sea. As soon as you pass through the stone arch and enter the court, it’s like going back through time, into the atmosphere of the Grand Tour. All around you will be able to explore the endless stretches of olive groves, vineyards and chestnut woods, a setting of rare beauty for this unforgettable day. Once on the attic you will be able to visit a small holiday’s museum, with a collection of items from 1800. You will be served a rich appetizer, soaked with the flavours and perfumes of the Campanian gastronomic tradition, matching ancient local recipes with the gastronomic excellences from Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, between the delicate citrus perfumes and dishes of intense flavour. The selection of ingredients is carefully cared for, to offer a cuisine strongly connected to the land and its resources.

With an uninterrupted continuity with the past, when the monks welcomed and refreshed the travellers, Astapiana Villa Giusso invites you to take part of the hospitality and the magical atmosphere. At sundown, you will witness the gulf’s belvedere: when the sun sets, Ischia appears on the cobalt blue sea and the red sun.


The kind and friendly staff will be ready to satisfy your every need and will help you make your moment together even more special.

Destination Wedding Campania

In the day before your wedding, you will be able to immerse yourselves in a relaxing walk along Sorrento’s coast, taking advantage of the beauties of Scrajo’s beach, among the most stunning ones in the area, with its high and rocky coast and its crystal sea. The reflection of the warm Campanian sun in a rain of sparkles will create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere; here you will relax, with your family and friends, at Scrajo’s spa, a thermal centre of natural springs of sulphurous water.

You will then visit Santa Croce’s bank, a small submerged archipelago among the most beautiful of the Mediterranean, that hosts, among other precious elements, the red coral, a rarity in the Mediterranean sea.

You will then set out to explore the other treasures of this little slice of heaven: walking through the streets of the borgo, you can admire the marvellous pink façade of the ex-cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, a rare example of gothic architecture in Sorrento’s peninsula,  built on a rocky spur overlooking the sea; in the small church in the back, you can admire a wood altar of rare beauty of the 18th century, adorned with millions of small pearls, corals and glass paste. Not far from the cathedral there is the Castle of Giusso, commissioned by Carlo II d’Angiò between 1284 and 1289. If art is your passion, you can reach the hilly district of Massaquano to visit Santa Lucia’s chapel, and the beautiful frescos by an anonymous pupil of Giotto, from 1300.


In this dreamy setting, in a place soaked with history and natural beauty, you will live an authentic Campanian wedding, made of perfumes and flavours of the land, that will enchant you and your guests and will make every moment of your destination wedding unforgettable.

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Wedding Kit

Inner Spaces: Fireplace Hall (max 25), Horses Hall (max 40), roofed Veranda (max 45), Arches Hall (max 70). External Spaces: linden Belvedere, inner courtyard (max 200), the pergola (max 180), the colonnade (max50). Restaurant: inner spaces max 180, external spaces max 180. Open bar starting from €950 (for 50 guests). Time limit music for external spaces max 00.00h – for inner spaces: no limit.

Accomodation 10 rooms and all inner and external space with relaxation area – Daily rate starting from €6600 (2 nights min.)

All-inclusive package includes: Wine&Wedding coordinator, documents, invitations, wedding favors, floral design, beauty&make-up, photo shoot, dj set starting from €8.900 (for 50 guests)

It’s possible to perform the civil ceremony inside the structure. External space: Holm oak park or the colonnad – Inner space: horses Hall

– Bottle of wine, room service
– Complimentary small pastry delicacies for the wedding couple

Vico Equense (NA)
Naples airport (49 km), Salerno Costa D’Amalfi airport (70 km)
Resort: 10 rooms – 20 sleeps , double room starting from €120 per night (depending on season)
Welcome light lunch: starting from €25 per person
Welcome Dinner: starting from €45 per person
Wine tasting: €18 per person
Apertura: Available until the 15th of December for weddings.

Take advantage of all the services for your wedding and get a personalized consultation with our Wine & Wedding coordinator: info@wineweddingitaly.com



A traditional cuisine that matches the ancient recipes with the best gourmet offers from Sorrento and Campania, privileging the use of local ingredients. The chef Ludovico D’Urso will present the dishes with care and attention to the details, to offer a satisfying experience to savour with every sense. Menu starting from 160€ per person (welcome drink, buffet appetizer, 3 servings menu, fruit buffet, small pastries, wedding cake, basic wines included).




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