1,500 diamonds on the bride earrings. The Queen of diamonds got married in Italy

1,500 diamonds on the wedding earring. The Queen of diamonds got married in Italy

She planned to get married in Italy under the sun, the sea, and the beautiful sky of Puglia exactly like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel or Laure Peugeot (the heir of the famous cars brand) and Siegfried Modola. The Puglia region is becoming more and more famous between the Vips from all over the world.

She’s Violetta Gruosi, the daughter of one of the most important jewelers in the world, owner of the “De Grisogono” maison in Switzerland, and Saturday September the 14th she got married with Sohrab Bassiri (a financier). They celebrated the ceremony in the marvellous Cattedrale of Monopoli and they had their reception in the “San Domenico Manor Farm (Masseria)” in Fasano.

There were an entire troop of bodyguards that monitored the manor farm because of several Vips that was invited at the party but also because of the incredible set of jewelry that the bride and her family wore during the wedding. The bride wore a really fabulous earrings made by 1,448 white diamonds, well coordinated with the wedding gown. That’s a sort of variation on the family theme, because the symbol of Gruosi’s maison is the black diamond, like the famous one that is setted on the “Spirit of de Grisogono”, a one-of-a-kind ring that is displayed in the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris.



Photos source: bari.repubblica.it

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